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blue_envy's Journal

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About: This is a graphics journal. It started out as just icons but I do just about everything.
Requests: I will take requests for everything but layouts unless you want to entice me with paid time for my journal. Requests will also depend on what is happening in my life as I'm a college student so check here to see if I'm taking them or not. Please read the rules to requesting I'm very forgetful and can easily forget about requests if you don't follow the rules.
Layouts: It takes quite a bit of time to make a layout so unless you plan to entice me with paid time for my personal journal I will not make one for you. The layouts on my journal were made because I had the free time. You can find them here. They are all designed for free accounts.
Questions: If you end up having problems with the graphics, the layouts, or coding in general I'll be more than happy to help you. The code doesn't have to be mine I'll help you anyway or if you have a question about how to do something feel free to ask.

Credit: I appreciate credit and ask for it but I don't demand it be there. Unless it is a layout I coded.
Comment: You don't have to comment but it's nice to know what people like
Hotlinking: Don't hotlink you never know when I'll take something off my Photobucket account.
Altering: Unless stated please don't alter. If you ask I will normally allow you to make changes.
Claiming: Don't claim you made something you didn't make.

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